Parottee Beach Cottages & Tours Limited - Your partner on the south coast of Jamaica

Meals as you wish

Want to taste more of the exotic or spicy dishes of Caribbean cuisine? Then Volker is exactly the right cook for you! He manages to introduce you to the traditional cuisine of Jamaica in a charming and delicious way. Super background information and interesting details are of course available.

Maybe you usually eat more classic German or European dishes? Then you should definitely dare and expand your taste buds with the exciting recipes of the island. If it should not be so fancy or you have intolerances or wishes, please let us know and we will conjure up something delicious for you!

Since we are not a restaurant business and of course from self-catering is possible, we cook only on advance order. Please let us know in time so that we can put together your desired menu. Below you will find some suggestions for breakfast and dinner.

Breakfast as desired

We do not offer a general breakfast, as many guests like to prepare something themselves for breakfast in the morning. If you don’t feel like self-catering, we will prepare you a breakfast according to your wishes and on advance order, no matter if one from our suggestion card and your “own” everything is possible.

Dinner for two or more

The same applies to the dinner. A restaurant operation inevitably leads to stockpiling and spoiled food due to overstocking. We are not a restaurant and therefore offer food only by appointment and to order. This way we guarantee absolutely freshest ingredients and dishes perfectly tailored to you. Again, almost anything is possible! Whether Jerk, Curry Goat or Lobster maybe but also fresh giant shrimps caught directly in the reef in front of our beach. You can choose your dishes from our suggestion menu or you can create your dream menu together with us.

Fresh & Fruity

Whether it’s a milkshake or a smoothie, you’ll find a selection of fresh and fruity ones. Whether it’s a vitamin and mineral boost or just a fruity sweet refreshment, there’s something here for everyone. Fresh fruits and vegetables spoil much faster here in Jamaica than in cold Europe, for example. Therefore, the same applies here: Contact us early if you want to be supplied with fresh and fruity products. During the respective harvest season, we harvest various types of fruit here directly at the yard.