Parottee Beach Cottages & Tours Limited - Your partner on the south coast of Jamaica

The team of Jamaica Beach Cottages

Jamaica is not just a tropical vacation island, it is our home – a home that we share with people and animals! You’ll find our yard on the Parottee Road near the beautiful town of Black River. We work together so that you can spend a relaxing and unforgettable vacation with us. Get to know not only Volker and Patrick better, but also our friendly dogs Spike and Nala!

Volker is the cornerstone of our team. He manages to make you feel welcome right away. His charisma and helpfulness add to the incomparable charm of Jamaica Beach Cottages.
By the way, his cooking skills are not to be missed!

Patrick has been part of the Yard for ages. He planted most of the palms and trees. Patrick is a prime example of the Jamaican way of life and accompanies our guests on many memorable excursions. Yah man!

Our dogs Spike and Nala, the animal guard of the yard.

Spike is an older female who used to be kept on a chain. Now she is free and fully absorbed in her role as security. She is very attentive and radiates an animal warmth. You can’t help but take them into your heart.

Nala is an intelligent pretty dog lady. She is a bit shy and therefore needs a few days to get used to new guests. But when it comes to yard safety, Nala can be relied on 100%.