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Our swallow habitat

A large colony of swallows has lived in our yard for countless years. In all the years that this breeding colony has now been nesting in our tree, thousands of you have hatched in our yard. These incredible flying artists have chosen an old bearded palm tree as their home. This stands near the main house and offers – unbelievable but true – a safe retreat for hundreds of swallows. We are very happy to have these lively flying artists in our home.

Swallow colonies with so many members are very rare even in Jamaica. That is why Canadian ornithologists, among others, have already visited us to examine the breeding colony in detail. These animal roommates perform incredible aerial maneuvers and are our yard’s natural insect hunters.

Especially at sunrise you can see many swallows when they fly out to start the day. It is an impressive spectacle of nature!

More nature is not possible…

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