Parottee Beach Cottages & Tours Limited - Your partner on the south coast of Jamaica

The main house – heart of our yard

In the middle of our beloved yard is the main house. It is the heart and core of Jamaica Beach Cottages. The first floor is a meeting place for all guests to exchange information or just sit together comfortably. The open kitchen in the main house is a focal point for finger-licking snakcs and food and the quiet veranda invites you to linger! Glad to have you with us!

This is where the conversations are held that you still have in your head after many years and remember with a smile. In the evening guests share their daily experiences here and get ideas from other travelers. For the planning of trips and tours Volker is always happy to help you with advice, action and years of experience. What would the Caribbean be without a little adventure?

Our open kitchen in the main house

In the main house you will find our spacious kitchen where we will be happy to surprise you with Jamaican dishes and snacks! From hot coffee in the morning, a smoothie made from ripe fruit to a refreshing beer in the evening- there is always something for the thirsty. We are happy to serve breakfast and/or dinner on request – no problem! We are passionate about cooking!

Our veranda at the main house

The inviting and covered veranda with sea view is the perfect stress-free environment to internalize the impressions of the day. We will be happy to give you tips for your next day trip or a tour to the regional hotspots. In the evening we recommend you a glass of delicious Appleton Rum, along with reggae vibes and a relaxed atmosphere on our terrace! By the way: Wifi is available free of charge for all guests in the main house.